Monday, December 07, 2015

Asics Gel Kayano 22

Choosing and Chosen a Running Shoe
I think if you ask most runners about their shoes they have not only Brand but Model loyalty.

Essentially when I found out that Asics Gel Kayano worked really well for me, I have just kept buying them.   It was such an agonizingly long process to find the right shoe that experimentation, well that can come later!

NB: I did experiment with Adidas Boost, but it did not work out, so I have tried!

And so
I have of course gone for

Asics Gel Kayano 22   (2016 version)

Some Pictures
If you wander into your office then the discrete-ish black colour option (okay yes there are stripes) is not a bad option.

 Quite a restrained tread, this is a road shoe and IMHO not suitable for the mountain or trail.

A really cosy and soft heel.  Great for longer distance runs.

Fatboy Factors
Over the years all but minimalist shoes have just got fatter i.e. heavier.  I am not a fan. For 2015/ 2016 Asics according to press reports were giving me a lighter shoe.  Except on the scales it's heavier (than last year).  Come on Ascis.

 351 grams is a pretty heavy shoe

Interestingly the Salomon Speedcross a descendent of of the ultra lightweight Speedcross is as heavy.  That is a surprise.

These are my Speedcross Clima Shield (CS) shoes for winter running 2015.   They have about a +30 gram waterproofing premium.  The earliest non CS Speedcross I recall was less than 300  grams, ah those were the days.

Best Users of this shoe?

Very Suitable For
Ultra Marathon: The shoe is very comfortable. After 50Km or more you will really appreciate it.

Tarmac: Minial tread will not provide best grip on a trail or mountain path

Dry Weather: After the merest drop of rain water will enter the porous shoe top.

Flat Feet - The instep is soft and wont hurt me. I am missing insteps with my perfectly flat feet. For those with an instep you may not realise that a hard instep shoe cannot be worn by flat footed people like me. Ouch.

Not Suitable For
Trail Running: Not a stiff shoe and the tread is not upto it

I have already put in a few hundred Km of tarmac plodding, and can report these shoes are a fine replacement (but I'd not say any noticably better) than my outgoing Asics Gel Kayano 21's.

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