Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Aosta Adventure

Actually our trip to Aosta was earlier this year, in Autumn.  It is just we have been too busy to review things until now

Aosta where?
It is an Italian town pretty close to the Mont Blanc tunnel entrance to put it onto the map.

 We access the town centre on bicycle.  Agata has a web application for free or sensibly priced Motorhome rest places.  So we parked there next to a closed Aosta ski lift and cycled into a hot town.

First stop is to try and find a decent Italian Phone SIM with sensibly priced data.   We budget for about 1GByte per day if possible.

 At night: we walked and walked and walked.

 Marcus set the Agenda:  Please find me Pizza

 We can say these prices would make a Swiss Pizza restaurant owner faint.  But here in Italy, with Pizza prices perhaps <40% of Swiss prices, and with quality to spare, we were in for another treat.

 The next day we moved our motorhome  (stuart) to some secure parking whilst we planned for an epically long cycle.

We bumped into John Paul.  Perhaps our favourite Pope, and of course Polish.

 Oh, we cycled and cycled and cycled till we could no more

Marcus was in charge of driving away and eventually back to Switzerland.   We had much Pizza, cycling, smiles, good times.  

I hope you can all see what a wonderful time we had.