Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A ride with the 28s

Agata Bicycle Upgrade

Marcus, unpaid bicycle mechanic recently set forth to do a quality job on further Agata's bicycle upgrades.  Mission, to replace her old and now totally worn out saddle and then to change her also worn out tyres for new ultra tough, yet still quite lightweight Continental 4 season 28mm tyres.

New Selle seat and the Continental 4 season 28mm tyres with suitably fatboy inner tubes with 60mm aero length valves.

Not a bad aero Shimano Dura Ace 7900 rim but now over 5 years old

 A similarly old seat

Zoom in to read the tyre widths listed.  Hardly possible to get such thin tyres these days!

Dura Ace wheels, SO OLD, they come with visible cone bearing adjusters.

Okay I get on with it!

 Rear Done, onto the front wheel.

 Upside down and all is done

All done

And finally it is down to a test cycle

A ride on road and off road

(So our very first ever video edit by the way, to produce this 24 minute Youtube video.  What a pain in the arse this process is! Respect due to video editors)