Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wingamm City Suite Motorhome

Subtitle: The motorhome that got away

But for geographic considerations we would probably have bought the above Wingamm City Suite Motorhome.  It is that good ... please read on.

Wingamm City Suite Video Review
Our Requirements
As with many aspects of our lives Marcus and Agata prefer to own small, compact and powerful things.   We like well designed, and, just large enough to do the job.

And for Motorhomes we have a preference for small.  And inconspicuous.

Small means it is easier to drive down narrow or windy roads.  Small means that it has lower charges on some ferries or chargeable transport options.  Small means lighter and more economical.

But for us we also want a Motorhome that stores our exquisite and somewhat delicate road race bicycles inside  (not an exposed rack on the back), and a Motorhome with decent storage, so that we can spend multiple weeks away not just a weekend.

What makes the Wingamm Different?

In words, the City Suite is a fantastically compact 2050 mm wide + mirrors , 5990 long and  2770mm high Motorhome.

As you know, traditional Van conversions are 2000mm+ wide and so this is the size of a Van but actually made from a single Glass Fibre monocoque shell   (just to repeat, the body is NOT metal).

Wingamm stresses that its a single piece waterproof construction with no joins.  Just perfect!

Next please notice that at the back is a large tailgate that opens up to a large load space under an electrically raise-able rear bed.

Optionally there is a drop down bed at the front.   Now Agata is about 160cm tall and she said it was too small for her.  So our thoughts about having this as the only bed and re purposing the rear bed as a large storage closet would probably not have worked in practise.

For longer trips you need a comfortable bed each night, not one that you can make do with.

This is the rear electrically raise-able bed.

Also notice that the van is available in a fully non white colour make it rather discrete.  Excellent.

Small but functional environment ideal for a couple.

Cupboards still provided even with front bed.

Strong and functional door

Space under the bed is decent and bicycle tracks were fitted to this show vehicle.   If we had bought one we would have needed something more substantial to keep our bicycles rigid and safe whilst in motion.

Also consider that a separate Garage (like in our current Dethleffs T8) is a better solution because this /open plan/ one make you feel like you are sort of living in a garage, because you sort of are!

But remember this is a 6 metre long vehicle and the space you have is nothing short of amazing.

Decent Storage and a 2 burner hob  (great, because that is all most people need).

Standard Fiat Cab

See video for a better picture of the washroom.  Perhaps the Achilles heel or least promising part of the Wingamm.   There is a combined shower and toilet area.  However we saw no shower curtain and it's cramped.

What Scuppered Us
There is no official Swiss dealer network, there is one in Italy and also the UK.  Since we are on our first motorhome we thought it would be best to buy from a dealer that was pretty local, thus ruling out Wingamm.

UK Dealer Support
Aston Leisure are the UK dealers and have been friendly and responsive on the phone.  If we had been in the UK they would have been our first point of call especially because they can do vehicle hire. So you can rent the vehicle to test it out first and see if it meets up to your requirements.

Fully spec'd up the City Suite will cost you at least 70K GBP. So it's not a cheap proposition but certainly a uniquely small and versatile motorhome.   If you can live with the average washroom  then it absolutely is the most compact and discrete motorhome that we have found to date.  Bar none.

Wingamm City Suite   brochure
Aston Leisure Scotland