Thursday, November 19, 2015

Walking Salanfe

In late October here in Vaud Switzerland it is typically starting to get rather cold.  Certainly less than 10 degrees.

However it seems this year, or is it now, every year, we are in for a warm surprise!

A few weekends ago then, we got together with some friends and a professional guide to walk around Salanfe including the lake

After only about 20 minutes we are all taking off layers of clothes.  It is really hot, and I mean well over 10 degrees, which is staggering since we are at almost 2000metres elevation.

As with many valley regions the sun is obscured meaning that if we would live in the valley East of Lausanne for example, daylight hours are shorter.

We had planned to scale the snow but it's melting due to the temperature, so change of hiking plan, we go for a non snow covered peak

Yes, of course it is a Chruch, basically in the middle of nowhere.

Agata poses

Climbing higher it gets a little colder, so back on with the windproofs.

Agata gets to the top

A rare husband and wife photograph

The full team

Back down to the lake

We walk around the now mostly dry lake, thru extremely muddy lake bed, and after a few missed paths back to our cars to journey back home.

Another great weekend of hiking but we think the last for this year before the snow finally sets in.