Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Slowest bicycle I have ever rebuilt

Jumbo tyres are fitted

The Big Picture

So my daily test bicycle is finally rebuilt with Shimano Ultegra 6800 rims, and onto them the jumbo 28mm Continental 4 season tyres, with thick as treetrunk Continental tubes.

The wheelset weights are suitably heavier:

1165 grams.  Shimano Ultegra front wheel + 28mm fatboy Continental 4 season + Tour 28 tube +  30 gram skewer

873 grams: Shimano C24 front + 20mm Continental + lightish continental tube, no skewer

1296 grams: Shimano Dura Ace C24 rear + Dura Ace 11-25 11 speed series 9000 cassette + Continental 20mm tyre tyre + lightish tube + 30gram skewer+ Speed Sensor

1595 Grams: Shimano Ultegra 6800 rear + Dura Ace 12-28 11 speed series 9000 cassette + Continental 28mm fatboy tyres + continental 28 inner tube + 30 gram skewer.

It all fits but the diameter of the wheel is slightly bigger, the 20mm tyres are of a lower profile.

It is all done

More views of the completed

Bits and Bobs

I did not use the more substantial but much heavier Ultegra skewers, or the 10 speed spacer.

Would you believe it! Continental officially says to always install rim strips on tubeless ready tyres. And I have none.   You can click and zoom the photograph for explanations.

It talks about temperature issues but I'm gambling with Aluminium (not Carbon) rims and colder temperatures that these internal tapes will not be mandatory to combat overheating.

This is what the smooth airtight inside of a tubeless easy wheel looks like,

The Ultegra front hub, a thing of some beauty I would argue.

This tubeless easy wheel comes with 2 airtight valves to be used, in the future, with tubeless easy tyres.

The Test Route

I have a number of test 20, 30 and 50Km cycle routes through the local Vineyards.  Above you see the Corniche which is common to all of them.  It's on the top beautiful attractions to visit in Switzerland list don't you know.  I get to cycle it whenver I want, e.g daily :-)

As you can see it beautiful though still a fair climb. Over the 50Km route there is just over 700 metres of elevation gain (and then another 700m descent since it is a loop).

Thanks Wiggle

Perhaps you read my previous lecture on service where Wiggle yet again proved what a decent company they are. The update is that the new wheels arrived and they reimbursed me for the extra Admin import charge, and I am left to battle with DHL, the shipper, to try and avoid a double VAT import charge.  Very fair.  Thanks again Wiggle.

Some Timings

01:57 hour time on 20mm tyres

02:04 time on the 28mm tyres (but excuse: a lot of wind!!)

02:02, 2 minutes faster on the 28mm tyres, less wind!

Now, to be fair, though the ride on the new balloon sized 28 tyres is slower, I have been doing over 50Km cycling per day, plus the running and scootering, so basically I am pretty knackered (technical term :-) Today in fact, after the first 3Km I was tired and had to suffer the last 49Km going ouch ouch ouch. The only thing that kept me going was my lastest Audible audiobook Patrick Ness: Monsters of Men, which is a great listen & recommended by the way.

The Verdict

- Due to a faulty wheelset the initial wheel upgrade replacement took absolutely ages

- I've ridden over 300Km on the new setup for testing

- The new setup uses the Ultegra 6800 not Dura Ace C24 rims and using fatboy 28mm not 20mm wide tyres and suitably heavier inner tunes

- To my great surprise my 50Km route times are within the margin of error so as to call it quits. The new fatter tyres and heavier rims are not really slowing me down as I had feared

- Furthermore the fatter tyres are giving me a much more comfortable ride, especially given my saddle made from pure carbon fibre has no flex

- Fatter tyres are more confidence inspiring on the down hills which I am still chicken on after my now 4 year old plus serious accident, from which I don't think I'll ever emotionally recover.

- These Ultegra 6800 rims are Tubeless Easy ready, so in 2016, tyres becoming available, I will convert and see if that combination is even better.

- I still plan to use my 20mm section Tyres and Dura Ace C24 rims, perhaps reserving them for less hilly routes and hotter temperatures.

Down in the Basement

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