Tuesday, November 10, 2015

TAG Heuer Connected

TAG Heuer: One Journey

Subtitle: Will TAG save the day?

Like all good Swiss, and even Marcus, living in Switzerland,  I was eagerly awaiting the formal announcement of the TAG Heuer Connected watch.

And so I was moderately excited to see the announcement this Monday.

Stepping Back
In a nutshell, the Swiss watch industry represents about 7% (25M CHF) of all Swiss exports by value in CHF (Swiss Francs).

Prior to 1970 Swiss Mechanical Engineering precision meant that Swiss watches were the most accurate watches on the planet.  But the invention of the Quartz watch meant that overnight a cheap 10 GBP watch could not just equal but far exceed the accuracy of it's Swiss counterpart.

For a while the Swiss watch industry appeared doomed but it re-invented itself though strenuous marketing repositioning expensive, 1,000 GBP plus watches as a lifestyle statement, which also usefully tells the time.

Forward to 2014 when Apple announced it's Apple Watch. Major Swiss watchmakers feared that Apple would legitimise the higher end Digital watch marketplace, not because the Apple Watch was intrinsically superior to the pre existing and growing Android marketplace, but because it was Apple.

Would this second time, unlucky technological event finally consign the Industry to the grave?

If you have to watch one video on this subject the Vogue Interview is my recommendation

Compliments to TAG
Faced with the Apple onslaught I was impressed the TAG and Jean-Claud Biver gave a measured and thoughtful response to produce a TAG, quality Android style watch in collaboration with Intel.

And so it is finally here

TAG press conference 43 minutes


Impressive Tech Specs

Would I want one?

To Marcus and Agata, as athletes this watch has less merit than most people who IOHO wear a watch primarily as a fashion statement.  Marcus comments:

+ Not an Apple Watch
+ Running Android
+ Impressive Technical Specs
++ Stylish looks
- Not a watch to use whilst performing sports
- Another watch  (I already have some)

Given the funds, and the desire to wear a watch  then Marcus at least would be attracted, Agata has the Apple darkside to contend with :-)

Marcus currently wears a sports watch (Garmin 920 XT) 24x7 primarily for steps tracking and sports activity recording. I don't have any pretencions that my Watch, with it's tiny display is ever going to displace the functions performed of my Smartphone which is the better place for Web browsing, digital payments, and even alarms.

So yes, the watch would be a nice to have, and for Marcus a decent upgrade to his existing 20 year old TAG, which of course still works fine.  Until now the Tissot T-Touch Expert has held the crown of High Function technical Swiss watches

My Final Thoughts
It's a great step forward for quality digital watches.  TAG previously made a commitment to deliver an Android watch and with the help of Intel it has made good on this promise.

Since TAG is offering a swap back to mechanical watch option for a customer unsure about digital, if you are in the market for a beautiful watch in the 1000GBP+  (1500 CHF USD +) price bracket, then to me this would be the one to select today.

Many YouTube videos already
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