Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Super B Bicycle Stand

Agata is proud to show off the latest simple but effective enhancement to her bicycle.

It is simply a wheelstand that we purchased on the last day of Eurobike 2015

Why would you need such a contraption?

Well first be aware that a custom, handbuilt road bicycle is not only a thing of beauty but also fragile.

We shudder with horror when we are asked to place our bicycles in those wheel stands that hold just the wheel, at an angle, so there is a large turning and bending force trying to warp our wheels.

We want a stand, even at home that cossets our bicycle and treats it right.

As you can see this stand holds the bicycle vertically, so no turning force

And is easy to use, and clamps around the rear hub, i.e. not something delicate.

On the last day of Eurobike some of the Asian manufactuers were just falling over themselves to sell their stand merchandise.

In this regard Marcus already got his Crops lock

Now Agata has her Super B bicycle stand. Actually it is model TB-1907

Super B is a precision tool manufacturer from Taiwan.  Their products can be found here.   We might also have liked to buy one of their Bicycle tool sets at Eurobike but others had beaten us to it.

Please check out their website, lots of good quality tools to be found there.