Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sunday Sermon: ExMuslim Because

If today you are still in a Religion, any religion you should perhaps ask yourself: but why?

In the last 10 days we have seen not one, but two disgraceful, public terrorist events enacted by people claiming to represent Islam.

Paris Attack Friday November 13 2015

Mali Hotel Attack Friday November 2015

The core issue is NOT that these terrorists were Muslim. It is that they carried out their acts in the name of a Religion, believing that their Religion, in this case Islam, supported and gave grounds for their actions.

These events don't just taint the religion of Islam, but any and all Religion.

Of course, if your current religion is not Islam, you might initially console yourself that at least your religion, is not supported by, or has the allegiance of, numerous terrorists who seek to

- kill people of their own Islamic religion
- launch terror attacks on innocent Western targets

But to say that your religion, one of several thousand religions, is slightly better than Islam, is of course damming it with faint praise.

But that Islam

If you are currently a Muslim,  who hates and abhors violence, you risk being tainted as a terrorist, or an active or passive supporter of terror.  And so, many people in your situation really do begin to question whether the /Religion of Peace/ as you have been led to believe it by title, really deserves this accolade.

- Imagine you belong to what you thought was a respected club.
- Your parents introduced you at birth
- They, and all around you told you how wonderful it was. In fact divine.
- But over the years you find that some of its claimed members are not so wonderful
- The more you researched the claims that outsiders have made against your faith, the more you realised many of those criticisms did have underpinnings in the words of your Holy Texts.

The time has come, if you have any doubts to really consider:

Is it time to leave?


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Just Slightly off Topic
I care about all of this stuff, to make these ideas more public, because a laissez fair attitude to those who would seek to do us harm must be addressed with action, and not with inaction.

Indeed to summarise the point:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good people to do nothing"

And so for me topically I'd also ask you to consider making time for the 6 YouTube videos on the subject of Liberty and Security.  Held at the famous Oxford Union.