Thursday, November 12, 2015

Running Cinque Terre

In September Marcus and Agata did a heroic amount of driving to visit the Cinque Terre region of Italy.  One of the reasons was to, of course, to do a little running.

Between the 5 towns that give this region its name

There is a tourist pass but the queue was too long for us.

We consulted the map and notice that some of the cliffside paths are closed.  This is a shame so we have to adapt a different route

Here are the route numbers and distances.

We got on a train to the furthest point that is Riomaggiore.

Now this is late September and it's practically standing room only here.  What is it like in high season, we shudder to think!

One last look at the map before we set off

Evil Marcus says let us GO

As a minister of the Church, albeit not this one, Marcus is often to be found examining and studying Religion and its idolatry



We brought our own healthy food.  Plus it might not be obvious be we are running with Hydration packs containing mixed Carbohydrates and Minerals and Water.

Next stop Monterosso

At last we found a kitty

A special place, one of two for locks to be deposited.

Back in Levanto!

Agata celebrates with a dip in the Ocean.

Overall a wonderful day of exercise.  We had great sights and weather and some friendly conversations.   Time to head back to our Motorhome for dinner.