Monday, November 23, 2015

Running and Cycling Levanto

Marcus and Agata spent an all too brief day or too in Levanto Italy this summer.   What did we get up to?

We got a meal for 2 at La Picea for 17 Euros for two people including Wine.  Bloody incredible.  For reference, a single Pizza in Switzerland always costs 20 CHF or more.

Marcus is as usual obsesses with searching out cool bicycles in the neighbourhood!

Recycling everywhere.  We like

A rather well converted VW camper into a wine store!

Yes, they cycle here.  Rather a lot.

So many specialist coffee machines and so little time

The oldest car I could find all day!

Time for our big cycle!

Spectacular views, what can I say

Some of the old train tunnels have been converted into cycle and pedestrian routes.  How fantastic is that!

As the sun sets we have to drive home.  It is a long long way back to Lausanne, but after such a wonderful time we think it will be easy.