Saturday, November 21, 2015

Review: Knog Blinder Road R70

The need for a Strong Rear

Even if you are careful and some would say paranoid Cyclists like Marcus and Agata, if the number of hours cycled (per week) is high enough, then your overall chances of collision go up linearly.

Part of our defence mechanism is to have strong, legal cycle lights, which we switch on during both daylight and night hours here in Lausanne Switzerland.

It's currently the law for all cars to have daylight running lights by the way, and we don't see why as cyclists we should observe a lesser standard.


As in all European countries that I know; it is only lawful to cycle with solid and not flashing lights. And they must be white at the front and red at the rear. This is somewhat of a surprise to most cyclists who use flashing lights to improve their chances, but which are pretty irritating to other cyclists and to motorists alike. (I'd also mention that in areas of cycling density imagine the chaos if everybody used flashing lights, it would be a light circus).

Rechargable, powerful lights like the Knog blinder can be used on the solid light programme, then when you get home simply plugg into a charger to be ready for the next ride, a recharge taking just a few hours.

Oh the Marketing - Knog At Eurobike

Knog, an Australian company had simply the wackiest and IMHO best product stand at Eurobike 2015

Click to enlarge and smile

We were so impressed with the efforts made, and the sales patter of Knog that we went ahead and purchased the Knog Blinder Road R70.  It is quite expensive at over 50 Euros but the specs are impressive

In Pictures

What this picture attempts to show is our 5 port Anker Charger  charging our Cateye Front light and our Knog Blinder and Moon Comet rear lights.   It does not come with a power adapter.

In a rather clever design the seatpost wraparound contains a USB plug so no cable is required, although an extension Male to Female is in the box for ease of operation should you need it.

Word up to the previous generation of 2013 Moon Comet rear light.  It is still more beautiful than the Knog, but the charging plug is worse and Knog beats it for strength of light output, and choice of modes.

Marcus has tested it daily for at least 2 hours, over a period of over 2 months now.   No issues to report, just a solid, bright light, that can be left on legal solid, and still get you noticed.


Another review  (different camera! testing :-)