Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monday Sermon: A taxing week for the meek

Roger Hodgson: Hide In Your Shell

It has been an emotionally difficult week past for Marcus, the week after the awful events of the Paris terrorist attack.

Because of all the bullshit comments that have been flowing in from my social media subscriptions,  I have gone into <temporary> hermit mode,  until matters calm down just a little.  Some of the angst that I alluded to last Sunday includes

- The tippy toeing of the Worlds Media, oh, and the worlds Politicians around the Paris attacks and refusing to name the Elephants in the room

- 'Bigoted', well, ignorant anti Muslim comments from 'the man in the street' as reported by first hand experiences. Whenever possible, we, (the nice people) need to call this out whenever we can.

- The refusal of many Muslims to accept the Religious motivations of the Paris murderers, instead concentrating on insults towards them, those insults are of course unacceptable, but let's together rather focus on what the in-group should be saying to: their peers and out-groups first please

- The Regressive left, or the Ostrich Brigade (naming by Gad Saad) who summon a Twitter army of Apologists to defend the indefensible and implausible.

- The concept that changing your Facebook Picture (to a French Tricolore) and repeatedly saying 'pray for Paris' to be a sufficient response to terrorism.  Some thinking please people.

- Various taunts and slanders.  Trite, unconstructive criticism, the favoured tool of the fuckwit.

So what has kept me sane this week?
(Arranged in increasing duration )

Finding a Space for God

Just 5 minutes people!

Coldplay: Adventure of a Lifetime

So much to unpack. There is the music, the Lyrics, the Technical Wonder and beauty of this animation and production, just evolutionary I hope you might agree :-)

Detective Ostrich interviews a Terrorist

When it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is usually ... a duck.

Dan Barker talks to Matt Dillahunty

A charming and informative 30 minute talk between 2 famous Secular speakers.

How Islamic is the Islamic state?

For Interfaith dialogues, BBC's Beyond belief is really my benchmark standard.  Surely it deserves your attention too?  30 minutes an episode, and currently 170 episodes to listen to.

Gad Saad interviews Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar

I feel that I'd like to invite Faisal Saeed Al-Mutar to tea because it was the first time I had heard him speak and it was impressive.

And so dear people, here endeth the sermon for this Monday.

Keep smiling, and most of all thinking.

Rudimental: Lay it All on Me