Friday, November 06, 2015

Lucerne Transport Museum

Subtitle: Visit the Lucerne Transport Museum!

We thought we would document our visit to the Lucerne museum and also recommend it to others.

Full Disclosure
Well both Marcus and Agata are Engineers by Education, and further Agata grew up in an environment close to Railways.  So a museum focusing on Swiss Railways and Cars and Planes you might say was always going to be interesting to us!

Well yes, but a museum full of big mechanical things is normally a guaranteed attraction especially for the younger members of the family


Entrance will set you back a steep 30 Swiss Francs each, or there is a family ticket for 65.   If you regard this as too little there are a set of extras to help you spend more money, plus there is a restaurant and a gift shop.


Snow clearing machine!




We had just a fantastic time.  As is usual, even in 2015 we were on a tight time schedule. So we really rather rushed around in a few hours.  However to do it justice plan on spending a full day there, with a break in their canteen for lunch.

Lucerne Transport Museum
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