Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Judging by the Showers

Subtitle: The little things in Lausanne

We have a running track in Lausanne, well actually we have two!

A Philosophy
Lausanne like the rest of Switzerland echoes the Swiss vision of healthy living, something that really resonates with Marcus and Agata.

Indeed we now strongly feel that daily exercise should be taught from an early age with the same vigour and passion as Science or Mathematics.

Because, as you grow older it's all too easy to slip into lazy and unhealthy habits.  Taking daily time out for exercise is a necessary though not sufficient component for healthy living.

And healthy living makes you less of a burden to society and your friends and family. (IMHO).

Back to the Showers!

Not only do we have a free running track but great Infrastructure to make sure you can use it easily.

Of course I am talking about the showers.

 The showers and on the right, Marcus sports IKEA bag!

 A place to put your non sports clothing whilst exercising  (there are lockers too)

A small donation is requester if you shower.  It's a pretty good deal I would say

 Lots of overly cautious notices

A board of local sporting events and brochures.  How good is that.

Overall then,  Lausanne, Olympic Capital, in canton Vaud Switzerland, does a great job of providing friendly sports facilities for all.   To the resident and the visitor alike.

Do come and visit.