Sunday, November 15, 2015

Helsana Points

Subtitle: Walking around North Lausanne

A gentle moan

There are few things more distressing than being prevented from doing what you love, especially when trying hard.

But throughout 2015 Marcus has had some lung/ breathing issues that cause a shortness in breath when performing extreme cardio exercise.

So it has been a year of more walking and jogging than running and ultra-ing.   But with Agata's help we have tried to make the best of it.

More Local Walks
We moved to Lausanne Switzerland over 10 years ago and by luck; and now it seems great fortune don't live in the city Centre.

In fact within just a few hundred metres, the great outdoors is laid bare

It has been an ideal environment for an increasingly large amount of time spent outdoors

Chalet a Gobet

Just North of Lausanne, about 4Km from us,  we find the forest of Chalet a Gobet, complete with numerous running and cycling trails within the forest, on mostly unpaved roads or tracks.

There is quite a large main building where there are showers and toilets and changing rooms.

Now in November the signs are already out for the children's Ski run that they plan to install. But since it is a shockingly hot 15 degrees C this Sunday, nobody is thinking about it seriously yet.


There are numerous refuges with a variety of facilities.  But at a minimum you can arrive with some cooking materials and make a barbecue.   In safe surroundings with somewhere to eat and sit.

 Well this is Switzerland,  cows are compulsory

 On Sundays, especially busy, almost a Motorway :-)

Numerous water fountains are a welcome break for runners and hikers.

The Helsana Application
Helsana is a Swiss Insurance company.  But it has this great marketing tool that we recently discovered.

It has a Swiss nationwide set of trails in forest areas.

And with the Android or iOS application  you can record your walk along the trail.

Then electronically submit it to Helsana and your run will be converted into Coop Supercard shopping points.

Now don't get too excited but 1000 Points is about 10 Francs, and a few times during the year you can use Points to make purchases directly at the Coop Supermarket


- The application is only available in German

- It's very sensitive to you going off route.  If you deviate by more than 100 meters at any point the app cancels your track and all point collection is lost!

- The iOS application in particular crashes often, then too you lose your points.

To say that it took at while for the points to show up is an understatement!   Yes, for us over 1 month.   The normal points per run is less, say 300 points  (about 3 CHF then in direct terms)


The North part of Lausanne is gifted with a large number of forest and country areas.

In retrospect it's very lucky we don't live in the town Centre.

Helsana  the Insurance company has a scheme to reward you following it's trails.   Our closest is about 5Km at Chalet a Gobet.  Somewhere we already choose to run.

So for us it's a win win situation


Helsana Trail for Android
Helsana Insurance