Thursday, November 05, 2015

Gaydon Heritage Motor Museum

A shameful confession
For more than a year Marcus lived in Lighthorne, a small Warwickshire town adjacent to the Gaydon Motor Museum. The number of times I visited ... ZERO

So whilst in the UK recently I decided to put things right

Fitting it all In

In the longer term I will have an infinity of time  (but not money BTW), right now however my recent UK visit was on a tight time schedule.

So, I managed to slot in the visit, just after a morning run, and before visiting friends.  In fact I ran from Leamington Spa to Gaydon.  Something that is moderately risky because I had to run on the grass verges along some very busy roads. Not recommended for the faint of heart.  It was almost 20Km :-!

On approaching Gaydon already confusion was looming.  I had called friends asking them to arrange some [Cream tea] scones in England.  All I could see here was CONES :-)


This is the layout of the museum

The museum sits in a building used by Jaguar Land Rover staff so that during our visit /men in suits/ kept walking past me and upstairs to their offices.  Nice.

Apart from the cars, and the offices, the exhibition has some video theatres and can host one of themed events, but in the few hours I had there I had no time to see anything but the cars

Just Wow
Unusual exhibits and prototypes

Dream Cars
The cars I lusted over, but they were never in my time or price bracket (even when new)

Youthful Fantasies
The cars I grew up lusting over, but I was not quite able to buy

The Full Album
The full picassa Album at higher resolution is available here

Over 200 photographs, only the smallest fraction is shown above.

You can download whatever photographs that you might like.