Sunday, November 08, 2015

Fujitsu IX 500 Scansnap Scanner

Fujitsu Scansnap IX500 scanner

Marcus and Agata are really delighted with our Fujitsu Scanner and so we've made this mini review

Scanning Life

As you get older and collect more stuff, especially paper, you begin to realise that scanning is not just recommended but essential.

We do live quite mobile lives.  Scanning enables us to reduce clutter, have our documents indexed, searchable and available anywhere, anytime (via the cloud).  It's also a protection again physical theft or fire.

Absolutely all our magazines, receipts, 'paper items' are scanned, and the resultant paper shredded & finally recycled. The exception is any legal documents.

Back to the Plot

Guillotine time for this classic magazine :-(

Setting resolution here at 600 dpi colour which is insanely high, but we don't have storage limitations thus far.

Keep scanning

As the scan proceeds a popup shows progress.

 Yes, in 2015, its a resultant 950 MB scan file!

A second magazine came out to 999 MB :-)

 Final destination is recycling


Scansnap can have a small program running at Windows startup.  This is what responds to your button push on the scanner.

You can configure a number of profiles AND a separate set of settings for the scanner button.

 Application to start when the button is pressed

 Where to put the scanned output

What resolution to scan and to perform autorotation and blank page removal etc.

The all important OCR to searchable PDF option.  This is absolutely critical, so windows or other file managers e.g. Google drive can actually search inside your documents not just at the title.

Page size.   Can scan upto US letter wide and about 360mm long. Note that limitation.

What compression to apply

All in all, we are delighted with our new, compact, fast and moderately priced Fujitsu Scansnap IX500.  Recommended.


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