Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Do you Specialise

Tubulars verses Clinchers

Subtitle: Your non specialist friend?

Marcus watched the above video and it made for a nice discussion with Agata about the merits of Tubular Tyres and how having used them for a few years, I'd never go back to them.

In the cycling world for road bikes and wheels here are some of the latest wheel topics that interest me daily

- Carbon vs Aluminum Rims

- Clincher vs Tubular
- Aerodynamics and Proof
- Debates on thicker/ wide tyres
- All season tyres and Puncture protection
- Tubeless Easy tyres and rims
- Truing wheels
- Braking efficiency of carbon vs aluminium
- Single piece time trial wheels
- Use of materials like plastic on spoke and hub design
- Custom spoke designs
- Freehub Body design and compatibility
- Bearing systems and Lubrication choices
- Straight Thru axles

And that is just for starters

Information Sources

Discussion Forums - like Google Plus
Specialist Cycling Magazines - emphasis on Engineering not races
Manufacturer Websites
Trade and Retail Shows
RSS feeds for all of the above
Practical experience from work or ownership

So Marcus maintains a reasonably high degree of knowledge in this area, and for subjects like Road Bikes in general.

I'm not claiming to be an expert, but if I was asked any question about Road bikes I would hope to be able to field a between general and expert answer.

Furthermore if I really did not know [enough], I think I would have the interest to Google a better explanation of the subject for my own satisfaction at least.

And so this begs an open question?

Surely everybody has a specialist subject area.  One that when questioned,  an onlooker would quickly conclude /Boy, they are an expert here/.

It could be PCB Design, Kitchen worktops, Camera Tripods, Ultra Marathon backpacks, Hancock's Half Hour episodes.

Just something, have a passion and an expertise for something.  Please, and pretty please.

Over to you now Rod:

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