Sunday, November 01, 2015

Carsten and Kathy Got

I am delighted to report that Marcus and Agata were able to attend the wedding of our good friends Carsten and Kathy.

The weather was good.

 Lots of familiar faces

 I got to check out an old Swiss building

 Of course there was lots of administration!

A lot of words in French.  English was not an available option, which is a pity since this would have suited all much better.

Now marriage is not for every couple, and thankfully in these enlightened times it's not a ceremony that I would attend or recommend or condone if I felt it was say:

- Forced
- Between People who did not know each other
- Done for reasons of only convenience.

The reasons should be an affirmation of the mutual respect and love for each other and the desire to spend the rest of your lives together, and by marriage being able to broadcast this union to anybody that you might meet.

So I'm so pleased that Carsten and Kathy got married and we wish them the rest of their lives together with as much happiness as they can make.  Which I am sure will be considerable.