Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bliss Mobil Big and Tough

Whilst at the Berne Motorhome show this October we noticed several large and sometimes all terain motorhomes.  It is time for a review.

A not so secret plan
It's a matter of public record that Marcus and Agata do plan a future tour of North America.  As such our current European motorhome represents only a warmup.

We recognise that America and Canada require a different style of motorhome but we still have absolutely no desire or intention to go anywhere near a large oversized, gas guzzling monster.

Our current thoughts are more along the lines of

Leisure Travel Vans

But we are still looking at the Alternatives

Flagstaff Trailers

So, on the plus side having a trailer means that you can park this living section, then motor off in your tow vehicle.

Of course when we stepped into the Flagstaff vehicles at the Bern show we soon concluded that even if you put a loaded gun to our heads, we would never agree to buy this vehicle.


That /old Colonial/ classic American décor.  I'm sorry to have to say, it's like stepping back in time, to something even our Grandparents might have considered dated.

Yuk, yuk and yuk.

Moving swiftly on

Bliss Mobil
This is a Dutch company that specialise in Expedition Vehicles built on a Mercedes Chassis.  It's a really tough, expedition grade truck, with water and filtration,  optional purification,  AC generators.

There are so many features and varieties of styles and designs all based around the chassis plus a container style living area box.

Indeed the living area can be shipped separately in a container.  Amazing.

I'm not sure the word efficiency can in truth be placed on this vehicle in all good conscience!

And yet more [huge] machines

So to summarise,  these vehicles are fun to look at, but they are not in our price, efficiency bracket.  But most importantly they don't meet our future  fitness-for-purpose  criteria.

Nevertheless as Engineers both Marcus and Agata cannot help but admire and respect the Bliss Mobil  tough and functional design.

US-Flagstaff at Wohnwagen
Flagstaff brochure
Bliss Mobil 11 13 15
Bliss Mobil 18 20 23
Bliss Mobil accessories