Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Blenheim Palace

Since Marcus and Agata don't currently reside full time in England on the rare occasions when we do visit we insist on doing our tourist and investigative duty.

And so on a recent UK trip we set out to visit Blenheim Palace.  Most people know that the palace was a reward to John Churchill (1st Duke of Malborough) for his military triumphs in the the 17-8th century War of Spanish Succession.

The Costs
A visit for the tourist or one time visitors is not exactly cheap.  It's 23GBP per person   It does become excellent value if you convert it (free) to a multiple entry yearly pass, but this does not help out tourists or visitor from other parts of England who will in practise just visit the once.

We would categorise 4 types of things to see

Sights - Walk around the grounds
Winston Churchill - Exhibition
Tour - Tour of the Palace
Multimedia -  Untold Story Multimedia Exhibition


Quite a lot to see outside, though we were disappointed that some of the walks were not a loop. You had to walk out and then back, because the loop would go thru parts of the grounds that are still marked as for private family use only.


Winston Churchill Exhibition 

Interesting, but when we arrived we understand some of it was being refurbished so we only got to see a part of it.


Guided tour with explanations.  This was absolutely excellent and the high point of the whole visit.

Cream Tea
To be brutally honest this was rather expensive and on this bitterly cold and windy day not ideal because part of the restaurant is open to the elements  (aka strong wind blowing)

 So we kept out coats on, spent what we felt was a lot of money and smiled.


We are glad we visited, but it was rather too pricey for us.  I'm sure that if you are a local resident (so multiple admissions) or if it's the summer  (to have lunch outside) then it's a more favourable proposition.

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