Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Envy

It is not just me then, because a friend in the UK and I can now both say that we are disappointed with the Black Friday sales opportunities in England and Switzerland respectively.

What is Black Friday
This is the day after North American (not Canadian) Thanksgiving where traditionally retailers have special bargains to officially open the frantic sales season that lasts upto Christmas.

An American 'tradition' it is now percolating into Europe, but as I found up at 00.01 Friday when I logged onto my favourite Swiss Electronics website.  Not much to see.

Another Smartphone?

CHF price from 469 CHF (16GB)

GBP price from 349 GBP

Google Play store 499 CHF  (16GB)

Marcus has been quietly eyeing up the Nexus 5X smartphone.  Now since I fixed the Nexus 5 and then upgraded both it and the OnePlus to the latest sooper dooper Android, well the upgrade rationale is pretty weak.  I can say

- Nexus 5 is still going brilliantly
- But it is now 2 years old  (1 phone year is 25 human years.  So my phone is now 50 !!)
- It's still amazingly fast
- But the camera is really not so good at 8MP && I take a lot of photographs
- It's only 16GB memory, so I'm short of space too
- The case looks like crap  (okay, I can order a new one!)

So to add insult to injury the top picture shows the great US deal that people can choose and from the other photos that no similar deals exist in Europe.  Oh well.

The REI Angle
One of my favourite American sport stores is closed all day Friday.  They want to emphasise that this Friday frenzy of shopping has gone too far.   In the USA they probably have a point.

An Expensive Country Angle
First you should know that is a genuine Swiss bargain website.  It's a refreshing change from the Swiss retailer "I must just go and get a dictionary" response when you ask for a discount in a Swiss shop.

Now I am sure at only 1500 CHF this represents a bargain for an Ironing board that normally costs 2500 CHF ( about 2500 USD).   But one has to ask the question, WTF!  2500 CHF?  Are you kidding me.

Yes many people in Switzerland have money, a lot of money.

In other words don't expect big Black Friday discounts in these parts kiddo!

The Swiss Food Angle
It may not sound particularly logical at the outset, but the high, some would say cartel like exorbitant cost of food in Switzerland makes Marcus want to splurge frequently on other items.

Because, in my mind, other items like electronics are pretty cheap 'relatively' when a careful family of 2, namely Marcus and Agata, can spend easily 300 CHF on a weeks shopping.

And we shop at the Aldi bargain supermarket wherever possible and don't buy crap, processed foods if at all possible.

That is 194GBP or 293 USD  by the way.

And now that we have stopped drinking wine for reasons of both health and economy that is a potential saving of say 40 CHF per week.   This could be put towards Marcus' new smartphone fund!   Just saying

Need Not Greed test
(for Black Friday was / is ... )

- Was something I had already considered and researched
- There was some sort of need, maybe not strong, it was definitely not just greed
- Sanity Check: It must not replace something else in the household that is not used i.e. no need!
- Marcus had already talked to Agata, (or vice versa) about it
- It has passed our joint financial committee :-)
- It is a real saving
- We can afford it without borrowing
- If we're really lucky it could be a Christmas present item, that can be bought for a lower cost and enjoyed early

Escaped Again

So yes,  Marcus and Agata escaped another Black Friday year, this time in 2015 without going buy buy buy crazy.  Mind you, I am going food shopping this evening.  

I feel that expensive pain approaching.