Sunday, November 01, 2015

Berne Motorhome Show Report

Agata and Marcus spent a wonderful day in late October 2015 at the Berne Switzerland Caravan and Motorhome salon.

The focus as per Swiss preference was for Motorhomes not Caravans, this matched our needs too.

So here are some of the products that we saw:

Adria Compact Slideout

A compact 6 metre long motorhome with a slideout.

To-date this is only a prototype and not for sale

 This model with the annoying twin beds, not a double

 Based on a Fiat platform of course.


When a European looks at the /old worldly/ ghastly interior of American style motorhomes, it is to Marcus a wonder that apparently North America was seeded from European stock.

Is there perhaps a paragraph in their constitution asking that home interiors remain visually similar to those of the founding fathers?

Oh dear, oh dear.

On the plus side these products are bonkers cheap.

60K CHF for this construction is a bargain indeed.

Automaxx AG Wohnwagen
Very interesting design since it's a pop-top camper that also has an internal shower unit and tray

Amazingly there seems to be a shower and a toilet.  Now the big thing that we could not find was any trace of a shower curtain or rail. So how could we use this without getting all the furniture soaked?  We never found out.

Remarkable reasonable pricing

Pop top flexibility but of course not usable in colder weathers.

Pretty impressive overall

Efoy Fuel Cell

A very compact fuel cell whose output is AC and whose input is specific fuel cell cartridge.  Here are the product videos

La Strada

Nova from La Strada

Relatively expensive German Mercedes van conversion

Lots of professional touches a you might expect for 128K CHF.

Laika Ecovip 390

This is an Italian brand and we did not have time to see them in the NEC UK show except to say that they looked stylish inside and the prices seemed lower than one might expect ...

Separate shower and toilet.  We like,

Really stylishly appointed.

Partition door to separate motorhome living spaces

An extra dropdown bed

It really looks the part, and prices seem very reasonable.  For us since it's /yet another fat/ 230cm plus motorhome we would never consider it of course.

Rapido Family Van

Rapido family Van select

Two burner hobs - excellent!

We thought this could be repurposed for internal bicycle storage.  But it would be a tight fit and you'd probably need to remove the front wheel on each bicycle.

Front drop down bed in a Van Conversion

Great implementation, but the WIngamm City Suite is in every way better.  Just that it is not available to buy in Switzerland.  And that will be the subject of a further moan in a dedicated blog post.


This is a German, very robust and powerful and bloody heavy  ( 28 Kg) scooter.

Upside Down

Both Marcus and Agata spent some time in the upside down vehicle crash simulator.  Marcus already has practical experience of exit from such a vehicle in real life :-(  However if it ever happens again we will know the correct procedure to best exit for the driver and the passenger.

Bern is less than 2 hours drive from Lausanne, and it was worth the effort to see what is available in the Swiss market.

Note, I'll be making some separate vidoes of some other Motorhomes not listed here in separate Blog posts from this and the NEC UK shop.  So keep reading.