Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another gap in our Education

Subtitle: We discovered Dick

Yes, Agata and Marcus recently thought we would give the crime writer Dick Francis a go.  Now as usual this meant searching Audible:

Eventually we settled on the 2007 novel called Dead Heat

And so far it is very good.   Like schoolkids we each have our own audio copy and go out on walks together listening to the book from our own separate players, currently at the same book position.

Now on Audible there are 53 Dick Francis titles!  He is a very prolific writer and it seems that we might get rather lured into gorging on his work as a source of crime fiction unless we keep a firm hand.

I knew that
Philosophically speaking when you discover a new interest or activity it's very tempting in this digitally available 2015 to

a) Download everything you can about the person/ subject
b) Disappear for months, becoming obsessed with said topic/ activity
c) Then pretend that you "knew about it all the time"

I can imagine a bar room conversation: "Ah yes, of course I find his latest work like Bolt  still captures the essence and majesty of his earlier works like Shattered. "

But I think for Marcus and Agata, are too old to play such games.  This isn't 1506 Milan and an age when one person could claim to know about almost everything in the human sphere.   It's 2015 when if I studied my entire life I'd not fully understand the lowest level electronics in my current Smartphone.

So back to Uncle Dick Francis.  You are going to keep us excited for some time to come.