Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Android 6.0 Marshmallow and CyanogenMod 13.0 on OnePlus One

Although this is a story with a moderately happy ending, it has been a long day of fiddling with my OnePlus One smartphone.

Let us Begin.

OnePlus One Background

I reviewed our OnePlus One phone and how good it is.  Also, the  OnePlus Two and my negative overall assessment


In the Android world you may take the Android source code, customise it, add to it and produce your own distribution.
Cyanogen were one of the first and still perhaps the best known.

CyanogenMod 12.1 is based on Android 5.1.1

CyanogenMod 13.0 is based on Android 6.0

CyanogenMod 12.1 has been a work in progress for months now, a new revision is available practically every day.  And so Marcus updates his system daily!

What went Wrong

As I have done over 60 times before over the last 60 days or so, I downloaded and applied the latest OS upgrade.

However this time on reboot, the OnePlus One smartphone entered a Boot-Loop,  meaning that as it tried to apply the new update it crashed, rebooted and started again.

Normally recovery from this would be easy

- Switch off

- Reboot to the TWRP recovery program
- Clear Caches
- Apply a previous OS overlay
- Reboot

But this just did not work.  However I did notice at the site  CyanogenMod 13.0 early version for download

I thought it was time to risk it!

13.0 Installation Pre-Requisite

- I have a separate Windows 7, 32bit OS with Android SDK installed.

This post shows you how to install the SDK if you have not done so already

- The above post also shows you how to do a backup, something I could not do since the previous installation killed my phone  (okay, I could have done a backup prior, but I did not!)

- Disastrously the state of the current CyanogenMod 13.0 package is such that it does not automatically re-install all your old applications  (never the data, just the code, but still).  This means after the OS is installed you have to manually install each application.

So stop now if all this seems like too much bother!

- Cavet: This is an early version of Android 6.0 so best to install on a secondary phone or certainly have another phone you can use if this at any point becomes unusable due to Software bugs.

- Probably a good idea to copy off all your photos and other data you might want to keep safe

Installing CyanogenMod 13.0 Android 6.0

Start Phone in FastBoot mode

Switch off phone.  Then Power on and press concurrently volume up button.

Now connect phone to your PC

Check a Connection from Phone to SDK possible

From the SDK installation

fastboot devices must return something, else you are going nowhere!

You probably already unlocked your bootloader but just in case

Make sure Latest TWRP installed

 Download TWRP  2870

Get Code

You will need:

Latest Firmware

The Operating System

Google Applications 600

CyanogenMod Apps

Start TWRP

Power Off phone
Power On and hold also volume down button
Release Volume down button
TWRP will load and look as above.

Transfer Code to Disk of Phone

In TWRP, choose the mount option, plug your phone into the PC.  Once plugged the Oneplus must show as a drive.  Drag to copy  the files into /sdcard/ROM6  (I actually made a ROM6 directory via the PC)

After this,  exit mount application and disconnect phone from PC

Wipe Existing Installation

Select the Wipe button from the home screen and delete 4 partitions as shown.

Install new code

You can do this all 4 files at once.  But as an old timer I do it 1 file at a time.

Reboot system.

Logon to CyanogenMod 13.0

On the reboot the normal OS (not the recovery program TWRP) is going load.

First error!!

Reinstall your Applications

Whilst you can do this on the phone via the Play store application I found it easier,  clearer and quicker to do it from a controlling PC whilst logged on as me to Google via

My Apps

You can batch up the necessary apps which will then automatically install onto your phone.

Logon to your Applications

Even if the auto restore had worked all your logon information is lost.  So part#2 of the pain is now to laboriously logon to each application entering in your credentials.

You do have them written down somewhere right :-)

And Finally

So all seems to be working , but time will tell.


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