Friday, November 20, 2015

Adele: 25

Adele: Hello

As most contemporary audiophiles know,  Adele has a new album called 25 out

But how can I listen to it?


Available in MP3 or CD or even Vinyl !!


14 CHF from my iTunes account


No album, just mixes and covers


Yes, it's not there see on screen comments.

Well yes, of course, it is there.


Adele: When we were young

Adele has a very, and I don't use the word lightly, out of date, bare presence on YouTube.

So to summarise then

Adele's latest album 25   is not available on a streaming music service.   But it is available for digital download from iTunes to Torrent to Amazon.

Since I understand a streamed play of a song might  benefit the artist by (say) 0.01 GBP but a track sells for about 1.00 GBP you can see that for the financial and even chart perspectives Adele and other artists might be forgiven for pursuing this not stream at release strategy.

I expect to see more of this in the future, with big artists releasing to the less profitable (for them) streaming channel later.

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