Thursday, November 19, 2015

A day with some Photography

Synopsis:In this post Marcus wanders around his home town of Lausanne taking a few photographs.

NB:Actually, time was as usual at a premium,and so with all of the rushing most of the photos were taken in full automatic mode.

Back Story
I have my good friend Richard to thank for providing a little push in the direction of the retesting,  and investigation of the Microsoft Windows phone, avec Windows 10.

My last test was in 2014  and ending here 

Since funds are not un-limited I have actually been saving up for this phone.  Yes, an actual jar, with actual notes, until I had saved up the necessary money.  Note to kids & millenials: I employ a system whereby I don't ask anybody for a loan or gift, but actually save up for it myself.  ( A tutorial is here )

What Camera Application
In 2014 there were 2 applications, but now, even after consulting the Microsoft Mobile App Store, I could only find the Microsoft one.

The version I used has these features

 Smartphone spec

 Application setting

Camera Controls
The icons are surely explanatory.   All the photos taken (since I was walking / jogging) were taken on auto, but given time you can instead set the Front /Back camera, White Balance, Fcous, ISO,Shutter Speed, Brightness

And here are the 640 XL camera specifications:

Some of the Photographs Then

This is of course a subtle indoctrination to our beautiful town of Lausanne.

 The uniquely shaped house down the hill

 And more building has started recently

Zoom In

 Motorbikes at Chailly

 Zoom in to check photo detail

 Lots of Recycling in Lausanne town

 And zoom (at home) to check detail

 The annoying freeloaders (still) in the park

Yes, tram buses.  The drivers are heroes in my opinion, and that's without the snow.

We have cobbled streets

 And shops way too fancy for Marcus

 Lausanne main railway station

 It's a magnet for classic older bicycles

 And here

 This week is leaf blowing week.

 A new shop with some fancy motorcycle porn inside

Leaf suction man,  ah soon the pavements will be leafless.

 Parc Milan, where the Lausanne Marathon starts from

 The Salt shop asking a mere 100 CHF per month for a 2 year contract !

 We are a town of many electric bicycles

 And hard advertised waste bins

 Of fancy confectionary

 And large Engined motorcycles

 Just everybody is on  fibre these days

 It is November but the sun shines forefully

 Marcus is still doing solar panel testing

Weather so warm, some of my kitties are still outside roaming

 The bus back into town

 And what looks like a large Christmas tree

 I need feeding now too!

 I'm not feeding our goats

 One of several local allotments

 The cows outside

Test of low light photography

Oh, some Tech Information
(Thanks Irfanview)

Where are the High Resolution Photos

Here is  Picassa Imbed

201511 640XL Photo Testing

So Far Then
I did a quick photo comparison against my best phone which is a Oneplus One.  I think the inexpensive 640 XL seems to have a better hardware/ software combination.  Surprising!

It is without doubt a pretty decent camera combination, strong colours, good manual camera control, but fine on auto, and the usual abilities to auto upload to Dropbox or Microsoft Onedrive, for me on the fly, but also deferred until you are on a Wi-Fi connection at home.

A full Microsoft Lumia 640 XL review in one month's time.