Friday, October 30, 2015

When Good Service met Bad Service met No Service

Bad FreeHub

Subtitle: Bicycle still not prepared for Winter :-(

This story is not yet complete, but this week my attempts to retrofit Marcus' custom build road bicycle with fatter, more puncture proof tyres for trail and even off road use, has come up against some problems.

In the process as the title suggests I've come across 3 different service grades.  Read on

Good Service - Wiggle
I bought the Shimano Ultegra 6800 wheels that I plan to use from Wiggle

Initial investigations found a problem with a wobble on or around the Freehub.  See part1 part2 part3

Because of the difficulty in sending wheels back to England, Wiggle offered to pay for reparation  locally

I was unable to obtain this (see below!) but managed to 
show that the supplied wheels were defective using these professional tools such as shown below

Wiggle and I are now co-operating to send the wheels back by Courier.

Then I need to battle with Swiss customs to try and reclaim the Import charges already paid, and reorder.

So we are there yet!  But Wiggle's good service is shining through.

Bad  Service - Debrunner

The local DIY store Jumbo told me they did not carry the more specialist tools I needed to check the Shimano freebub on the Ultegra wheel and they advised me to visit  Debrunner

This is a trade shop, and whilst I did arrive not dressed in /overalls, smoking a cigarette etc/ but "only" in pro cycling gear I did not expect ...

Eventually I found the parts I needed

I waited 10 minutes at the "caisse" cash point.  4 staff, 2 working together to check something for a customer, the other 2 energetically chatting.

After standing around right in front of the cash desk and having waited for 10 minutes, I decided to say something.

I asked several times "Could I pay"

On the last occasion one man said "You need to take a ticket".

He did not mention this earlier.  I found a ticket machine.  It had 4 categories: Information, etc.  None of the categories included  "Want to pay for items I picked up in your store"

I went back with ticket, category Information.  I waited a further 5 minutes. 

Eventually somebody took my items, but did not look at my ticket.

Despite bar-coding, the salesman looked up price manually in a paper book (!)  and for one 14mm hex end and 1 socket, they charged me 54 CHF (36 GBP).

Yes, welcome to Switzerland.

No Service - xxx
Being terribly polite, I won't list names here.  Marcus will just say that I went to a high end bicycle shop in Lausanne.   I asked them for maintenance on my Road Wheels. 

They asked me if I had bought them at the shop.

No, I said they had been bought from Wiggle.

They told me to goto Wiggle for Service.

We are getting there, but oh so slowly.