Monday, October 26, 2015

The Polish Election Results 2015

A million voices suddenly cried out in Terror

I did not quite understand the Emergency, but throughout Poland a network of concerned individuals have been telephoning ex-pats like Agata pleading with them to vote in the 2015 Parliament and Senate elections.

The Law and Justice party has garnered much support, to the horror of most young people and all liberals.

Marcus has now done his research and the Law and Justice party known as PiS has a Wikipedia page here

- It's a right wing party
- It has some controversial views
- It opposes Gay rights
- It opposes Abortion rights for Women
- It is Euroskeptic

Our Journey to Geneva
With the hair still wet after our shower by the lake at the end of the Lausanne Marathon  we set off to drive to Geneva

 Regulations and advice

The building is just stunning, outside and in.

Oh and the result

So it was all for nothing then. 

Poland's electorate is basically

/Taking the PiS/

Poland lurches to the right