Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Heartbreak of Choice

I've touched on individual freedom in our own household last October 2014,  when I was dragged kicking and screaming into an Apple store for darling Agata to buy an iPhone 6.

Indeed, I think when we consider freedom [in my zero world] it is often best done internally in your own life, and not by watching the suffering and injustices, and lack of freedoms of others, often in distant lands.

I think many of us experience this in a intense form when we get involved in our first /one way/ relationship.  You know,  when you have a crush/obsession/feelings for somebody who really doesn't adequately reciprocate those feelings.

They, are quite at liberty not to like or love you.  It may be unfair, but you can't make somebody love you.   Equally in this Christmas season you can't even force people to accept your presents and gifts.

What are the safeguards
The UK Mental Health Act is what legal training points us to.

You have probably heard of the famous phrase "A danger to yourself or to others"

This is a key criterion which if passed by an official adjudged source means that such behavior can land you to be forcibly detained in a Healthcare Institution.

So assuming you don't exhibit this behavior, what freedoms have I been exposed to lately?

- to die

- to refuse medical assistance

- to neglect ones own health in favour of others

- to refuse gifts or presents

- to refuse hospitality

- to be a know it all

- to refuse financial advice

- to behave selfishly

- to act spitefully

- to believe in Imaginary Friends

With all these quite depressing attitudes I've encountered in the last days, I need to turn to music to lift my spirits, well just a little.

Neil Young: Rockin in the Free World

UK Mental Health Act 1983