Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 14mm wrench

Ultegra wobble part3

Subtitle:  Where is a 14mm Hex wrench when you need one?

This October I laid out the cunning plan to fit fatter, more puncture resistant tyres on Marcus' road bike.

This strategy involved the purchase of a new set of Shimano Ultegra wheels and then waiting for the back ordered Continental 4 season tyres.

And the final plan is later to try the Tubeless Easy standard because the Ultegra rims are already tubeless compatible, but the Tubeless Easy Tyres are not yet shipping (anywhere).

Tyres Arrive BUT

The tyres arrived this Monday and I started the assembly.  It should be easy right?

Stuff arrives part 1

There is a problem part2

At first I thought it was the fit of the cassette to the Freebody hub. But I changed cassettes and established that the cassette was good.

So the Freebody diameter might be too thin causing any cassette to be loose?  I tried packing between the Freehub body and cassette with thin shims.  But still there was rocking.

Then I found that without any cassette I could also rock the free hub.  So it must be the free hub itself that is in error

I read the Shimano Road Wheel Manual  and this shows how the Freehub body might attach.  It could be that it is simply loose, so a remove and re-attach plan is the first debug.

From the manual it was not clear to me if I  I needed either a 10mm or 14mm hex wrench.

So Wednesday I cruised all the local tool shops that I know and came back only with a 10mm and a 12mm hex wrenches

Guess what?  Yes, I need a 14mm hex wrench

Screwed Again

In England there would be no end of Auto or DIY shops retailing these parts.  But in Switzerland, not so fast!  Well not in my area.  Perhaps it is too prosperous here.  These tasks should just be taken to the bicycle repair shop like normal Swiss people do.

(NB: last time I asked for 2 front wheels to have bearings adjusted the bill was 100 CHF  aka 60 GBP, and afterwards they are no better.)

So tomorrow I will start a further wander because waiting about two weeks for a part to come from eBay china will just be a pain, given that I ordered the wheels in late September and we are just about to enter November.


To be continued.


Shimano Dealer Manual Road Wheel Set
(Instructions re hub removal)