Friday, October 16, 2015

Solar Charger, 200,000 mAh Power Bank and Light

Subtitle: How Much Power Captain?

I reviewed what I thought was a ludicrously large Power Bank this July 2015 ... 50,000 mAh

But now things get even crazier.  I began thinking what I actually need and whilst out in wilds, say Camping, it would also be useful to have a powerful floodlight.   And can you believe it, thanks to my studious eBay searching I now present a single unit with

- Claimed 200,000 mAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

- 2 USB Ports 1A and 2Amp capacity

- Solar Panel to help Charge the Battery

- 20 LED floodlight panel

There are 2 USB output ports, and you charge it with a micro USB port.   Note: 5V x 1Ampere charge means that to charge the 200,000 mAh battery from flat will take a staggering week plus to charge :-)

The Good news is that using my specialist Charge only USB cables I can charge my Android Nexus 5 phone at well over 1Ampere.  the 2A USB out connection is correct!

Yes, they are totally serious about the 200,000 mAh capacity.  I am not so sure!

Also nowhere on eBay from any seller with these units do they quote the Solar Panel capacity in Watts.  I'd guess at less than 5Watts under full sunlight.   Let's assume 3Watts.  In other words this panel can do no more than ever make a small dent in charging this high capacity battery.

When on; the 20 LED array is enough to really annoy any camping or motorhome neighbours

Whilst I am not sure about the real capacity of this Lion Ion battery pack, it is still a bargain product.  An extremely bright LED light bank,  low cost, >1Amp USB port, and a Solar trickle charger.  What is there not to like.

ebay Premiumroad 200,000 mAh power bank
ebay another 200,000 power bank