Friday, October 02, 2015

Show me the Code

A quick level set.

Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen diesel engined cars are now believed to have custom computer code that tried to detect when they were being detected for NOx emissions.

NOx by the way is just shorthand for the 2 gases NO and NO2

NOx gases are directly bad for humans

Note: CO2 gas emissions have not been doctored.  CO2 gases are indirectly very bad for all humans on the planet, since now all but /nutjobs/ believe that they are the principle source of Global Warming.  And recall that Global Warming will precipitate catastrophic changes in climate and sea level within our lifetimes.

Just One Question

There must be source code somewhere back at VW

And this is complicated code, so it must surely have comments saying who wrote what

And the code is surely checking into a Source Code Control System, so who checked in what and when.

So, show me the source code!

I am interested.

Fiirm action is required
EPA allowed for secrecy
CO2 Manipulation
Fuel Analysis