Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Shimano R171 Cycling Shoes

Summary: Not a Bad shoe then

The Justification

Most items in the Marcus and Agata household are approved by our joint purchasing committee based on need. Or at least we like to think so.

In our case each of us hope to clock over 5000Km of cycling per year, and in a good year at least 10,000Km.

And so it was time for another pair of shoes since the previous Shimano R170 are now well worn and in need of a backup / replacement

The shoes are a lot wider that I was banking on. Actually a little too wide

Three straps, two Velcro and the base level on a clever ratchet.  There are two holes to locate the bottom buckle, so those with a thinner or lower volume foot can readjust the buckle for a better angle.

Yep it is a /standard/ three hole design

At 300 grams per shoes these are pretty light.   My lightest Mavic shoes are down at 200 grams but they are so fragile as to only be used on exception.   These shoes feel tough enough for daily use.

Nice and shiny means great to clean!

Note I recommend the cleat covers enabling you to do some walking on the shoe without totally destroying the Speedplay.

All assembled with the Speedplay cleats from my old shoes.  Economy counts.  Speedplay is a four hole design meaning that you need to mount the cleat over a three hold adaptor, raising the stack height just a little.

Looking good then.

The Report so far

- Sturdy enough to use as a daily shoe

- For me, with thin, low volume feet, I moved the buckle for better alignment

- The shoes are pretty light, but rather too wide :-(

- The extra width meant that I had to reposition the Speedplay cleats otherwise the shoes was touching against the cranks and squeaking.  Aargh.  All repositioned now well.

- Shoes are scuff and weather resistant.

- UK price from Wiggle for Swiss delivery was 82 GBP