Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sending that Postcard

A friend recently sent; and we received a postcard from her holiday in Corsica.  It got us to thinking about the changing nature of the medium.

Back in the Day
When Marcus and Agata toured Europe or certainly a foreign land it was a matter of course to send close friends and family postcards.

If we were lucky and found the right stamps the postcards might arrive to destinations back home before we flew back.

We never sent Postcards as a /smug, look at us/ rationale, it was just a sign that we were out in a foreign land, no doubt exercising, and enjoying each other's company; far away from the hustle, bustle and usually hassle of work.

And today
Whilst on vacation Marcus and Agata expect to be connected with high speed Mobile Internet.  So we can Skype, Facebook message, Google+ or just plain old email our friends and family messages, pictures and even high resolution videos.

We can even continue to have live video calls and conferences just like at home in Switzerland.

Postcards it would seem therefore are pretty redundant

Well Almost

Today then, sending a postcard says something different

- Maybe you are really dealing with a severely technologically challenged friend of family member

But, failing that

- You made a real effort to select the card

- You figured out what monetary size of stamp would reach your target audience in a different country

- You struggled along to find a Post office or Newsagent and battled with a foreign language to buy a suitably International stamp

- You had to figure out where postboxes are and any peculiarities like first and second class or international posting

Overall then, in today's world when somebody sends you a postcard, it says they care.

They care a lot!

Shocking Blue: Send Me a Postcard