Friday, October 23, 2015

Our Second Weekend Away

No Internet at Lac Saint Point

We jump back to the second weekend ever in our Dethleffs T8 motorhome and recount our weekend trip to Lac Saint Point in France.

It is July 2015.

It's mostly to document the learning experience with our then new Motorhome.  Perhaps others who appreciate the active lifestyle and are thinking about a Motorhome can learn something ...

We have found a nearby source of Swiss spring water in Lausanne adjacent our home near Chalet a Gobet, in a place we call 'the scary forest'.  We used to cycle through this area at night and noticed this spring. We arrived during the day, and faced a long queue to fillup. Eventually we fill.  The Dethleffs has a 100 litre freshwater tank and a like sized greywater output tank.   We chose the winterised option so the tank and connecting pipes should be insulated not to freeze in cold weather.

We have friends participating in the Swiss SUP (Stand Up Paddle) race championship so we pootle over to meet them.

After the competition Agata goes out on the SUP and marcus swims along behind her.  Later I find out that swimming is not allowed here.  Ooops.

Throughout Europe but not much in Switzerland are a series of EuroRelay points.  They allow you to dump toilet waste from your toilet cassette and take on board new freshwater.

Dumping grey or kitchen water is sometimes tricky because this station has a raised hole which is nowhere near the much lower output pipe of the motorhome.  So look for a Eurorelay station with an additional dump drain for grey water at road level.

In France we bump into Decathlon, our favourite sporting goods store.  Our rule is always pop in unless time pressure does not allow it.  Marcus tests Decathlon scooters and looks for any sporting products that he might be missing.

We then arrived Lac Saint Point and paid for the Aire/ campsite

See the video for more details, but Marcus eventually ordered a hand made pizza from a local mobile Pizza van.  7 Euros.  I can't believe it!  In Switzerland, Pizzas start at about 20 CHF.  This is freshly made and at my campsite.

Meanwhile, here we don't have any Internet.   We managed to navigate using Google Maps here because the map was downloaded in Switzerland and route computed.  But we'll have to use more primitive methods to return home.

 Nice views and now it is time for bed :-)

Sunday morning ..
 We have thought to bring with us the Aeropress to make coffee.  Works well.

Also we have the collapsible kettle above.  Agata researched it on the Internet.

 We have been swimming in the lake.  Marcus as head chicken used a Wetsuit to protect his frail body.  Tough Agata was on her SUP in just a bikini.   The sun is strong so drying our equipment takes no time at all.

The SUP when deflated fits into a large cylindrical sac and stow neatly into our garage at the back of the motorhome.

We made sure to choose a motorhome with a Garage of sufficient size to accomodate such items.

French Shopping
We rarely if ever cross border shop, until now. However as Motorhome owners trips to France are more frequent so in Pontarlier, we did.

The legal limits for importing food into Switzerland from France are now about 200 Euro and because we don't eat meat (much) we don't fall fowl of the /have you imported meat/ question at customs.  We  don't and are 100% legal.

 Marcus noticed the sub 1000 euro cost of a scooter in the Supermarket.  This is absolutely bonkers cheap.  I am quite sure you will never see this in Switzerland.  That price might buy you a front wheel back home.

We test out our local IKEA in Switzerland as to how motorhome friendly it is.  We are 2.6m tall and find we need to park in the adjacent open car park because IKEA has height bar restrictions.

We've been tipped off that you can research all of this using Street view in Google maps beforehand.  So you will know visually if there will be any barriers to prevent your entry and you can plan to make alternative arrangements.

This is a writeup of our second ever weekend, of July 2015, out in our Motorhome.  It was a great success.