Monday, October 12, 2015

Oppo Color OS Camera Application on OnePlus

So,  I take a lot of photographs, and my default ultra small and lightweight default camera is now the [full frame ILCE-7] Sony Alpha 7.

I reviewed it here

But although featherweight, I want more!  Marcus would dearly like a ultra compact and higher resolution Smartphone Camera.  To use as a backup camera when I'm not carrying the Sony, for example on any race, or whilst generally out and about.

The quality photo options in October 2015 might be

a) Panasonic CM1
A 13.2 x 8.8mm so called 1" sensor and 20MP resolution

b) Sony Z5
A 6.17 x 4.55mm so called 1/2.3" sensor  and 23MP resolution

but meanwhile on the economy front Marcus is stuck with his now 1 year old OnePlus One Phone.

Since OnePlus is rather related to Oppo in terms of it's ancestry, and Oppo has this wonderfully superior Camera app, how about trying to install a port of the Oppo app onto the OnePlus One

Guide to Install the 50MP Coloros Camera Application

- Oppo has this wonderful Camera Application
- It has a normal mode
- But thru plugins you can have 50MP HD (4 pictures combined together), HDR, and other special photographic modes
- Yes there is a ported version for the OnePlus One phone

Top level screen has a useful set of option from top of screen

Decent set of basic Options

Now I downloaded some of the more interesting Plug Ins

Now these additional Camera Modes are available HD Picture is the 50 MP Megapixel one.

I spent this afternoon shooting between Normal, HDR, HD (50 Megapixel) , and comparing them to our Sony Alpha 7 Full Frame. ...

 Sony Alpha 7 takes a picture at 24 MP, full frame sensor

OnePlus with Coloros photo app takes a 50 MP photograph

I crop the hamper in the Sony Alpha 7

 I crop the hamper in the Oneplus photo

So yes, there is a huge huge difference in the quality of the underlying image which becomes all too clear when you zoom in.

The Color OS application port is wonderful, it's a clear improvement over the standard Google App, allowing for better effects and manual control. But to state the obvious, it does not begin to compare with my Sony Alpha 7 full frame picture quality.   doh!

ColorOS Camera App Install
Image Sensor Sizes for Cameras