Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lenovo U430 takes a fall

Marcus hangs his head shame.   We only have one laptop in the house and when it fell from almost 2 metres onto a solid wooden floor in a vehicle travelling about 50 Km/h my heart sank.

You idiot I thought,  and although  this might have been the views of people with me they were silent because they saw my angst.

My wonderful, powerful, economical, pimped and turbocharged, Lenovo U430

Damage was on the outside a crushed HDMI port and a dented case.  Screen did not shatter.

Since I was travelling and I did not have any 'Watchmakers' screwdrivers with me   (I know, shocking) the repair was only attempted this last weekend.

Opening UP
Once opened I checked that both internal hard drives are still fixed correctly and that the memory DIMM is secure.

Note to Apple Computer users:  Yes, we have something called Philips screws on the back of our computers allowing us to easily remove the case.

Also, the 2 hard disks, networking and memory is socketed so we can upgrade as desired.
End. Note.

I bent the metal case back and straightened the HDMI screen support.  Then using a spare cable end that I chamfered inwards I eased the shell of the HDMI socket back into shape.

Baby is back 
Indeed, my baby Lenovo is back, I felt parting coming right now, would be premature.

Remind me again > 10MB/sec networking speeds.  Byte not bits remember.  Nice.

To Conclude

Wait just a moment!  I feel a song coming on ...

Player: Baby Come Back