Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lausanne Marathon 2015

An absolute scorcher of a day  (15 degrees plus) here in Lausanne, on Sunday October 25, and Marcus and Agata completed the local marathon .. wahoo.

 30 minutes before and nobody was on the starting grid.  Why?

Because they were all doing exercises in Parc Milan to the sounds and moves of a fitness coach on stage

This year we are also running to support the charity.  Please check it out.

Our very sporty and capable friends Carsten and Kathy are not running.   But they make excellent supporters.

 Marcus is in bloc 1

Agata is in bloc 2.  This year you get penalised for starting in the wrong bloc that you have been allocated.  Good!

It is time to start.  Now, in the 3 days prior to this Sunday when I did my training (!), well I ran in this above thermal top with lots of pockets where I'd put the phone and gels and keys.   I don't have a similar non thermal one meaning (zoom to check) that I was overheating even on the starting line  - zip already undone.

 An hour in I was still following the 03.45 balloon pace man.  It was easy at first although he was running at > 11.5 Km/h which is not good.

I checked on the practice runs and my lung/ breathing condition means I run out of oxygen at 11.4 km/h and it's more comfortable at about 10.5 km/h.

I realise these are pathetically slow speeds, but when you are sick, well what can you do?  

More great excuses: Stopping for photos makes it hard to keep up, but you have to admit it is beautiful out here.

Okay this is the 21.1 km turnaround point

I ran ahead of the 0345 balloon man to picture the team I've spent the last almost 2 hours with.

Post Km 25
Upto about km 26 I was keeping up the pace, at a too fast for today 11.6 - 12km/h.   And then I got tired, well more precisely, legs fine, but I got breathless and had to slow down to a pedestrian < 11Km/h.  I did not want a repeat of last years disaster!

Some time later across the finish line ...

Marcus has a quick sit down so that when Agata arrives he proclaims "Yes I've been here finished for ages".  In reality Agata was probably just a few minutes behind me.  At the halfway when we saw each other  it was 7 minutes and I was forever looking around on the last stages or waiting for the "Husband, get a move on" prompt I felt might be coming.

Agata arrives and we are very happy to have both finished without injury.  Due to moderate pace we think we'll be good for further exercise tomorrow (Monday) as nothing is really stiff. Well yet!

Now where are our bags so that we can go and have a nice hot shower and change at the Bellerive Swimming pool.  It has opened just for today specially for the Marathon.

Post marathon report