Thursday, October 29, 2015

I'm on a break

Subtitle: Rob takes a long break

On my recent trip to the UK I had reason to pack a suit.  At my time of life this can usually mean two things:

- I am attending a funeral

- I am attending a retirement party.

I am happy to say it is more of the latter with my good friend Rob  (and Hilary) both deciding that enough of the work for now, it is time for "break"

Getting to Ilkley was a bit problematic.  Small roads and then a herd of cows trying to slow us down.

The final destination was the Yorke Arms for a relaxed celebration Lunch.    I can't thank Rob and Hilary enough for including us in on the big day.   We hope that we provided some added value.

With joint cycling interests we took a detour home to look at some new sculptures.  Wow.

Time for a visit to the adjacent quarry

We contributed to the Rob and Hilary retirement ideas board of course

I notice Rob has treated himself to one of those new fangled iPhone 6S'. Very nice.

It was an all too brief a stay but we hope to see more of each other now that our timeframes are relaxed.

We were on a break