Monday, October 12, 2015

I Scooter, You Scooter

Eating Disorders

You Scooter
The first thing I thought of when I saw these two rather overweight women on mobility scooters was:  Pity.  But soon after the woman in the background who was also carrying a child started smoking and driving,  the sympathy aspect disappeared!

There was also an instant flashback to the UK legal change, effective October 2015,  forbidding smoking in vehicles when you are carrying a child.  I did however check the legislation and the vehicle needs to have an enclosed roof.

Still, pretty unhealthy.

I Scooter

By contrast, Marcus still scooters daily wherever possible.

I have discussed the Razor A5 Lux Scooter several times

If you are an Adult and need to cover longer distances than walking would allow on paved flat surfaces, a foldable push scooter could really help you get fit and have fun getting from A to B at the same time.

What Are my learning Points

- Push scootering is an efficient way to move around at run or greater than run speeds (>14 Km/h)  with minimal effort

- It is quite fun

- I still can't find a better scooter than the Razor A5 Lux

- Mobility Scooters are a different matter however. 

They can enable people with an eating disorder to defer addressing their problem.  And, as eating disorders become more pronounced they can become life threatening.

- What would I advise to somebody with any disorder?

- I recommend you start with this webpage

- Please download and read this PDF document

- Recognise that you have a problem and consult specialist medical care.

You only get the one life on this planet that you know about.  Don't waste it.