Friday, October 09, 2015

Decathlon Btwin 520 Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey

With the cold weather coming in, and by that Marcus would mean lunchtime cycling temperatures of about 12-18 degrees, it is time to consider some Thermal Cycling clothing.

So our latest find the Decathlon 520 Cycling Jersey has proved very worthy of a review.

As readers know, Decathlon is probably Marcus and Agata's favourite and premiere sports store.  They provide sensibly priced, day in day out sports clothing, we are constant consumers.

But this Cycling Jersey was almost 50 Euros  (33 GBP) which is considerably more than last years Decathlon Winter Jerseys  (which was the Decathlon 500, and that Jersey is an unbelievable bargain 20 GBP)

Yes, there are 4 pockets, 3 traditional at the back an a 4th on the right side.  And, on the back middle pocket an additional water resistant zippable compartment.

 By the neck is additional windproofing

Other Notes

- The Jersey is really thin and light, compared to the thicker Decathlon 500 that I use in 10 degrees and lower temperatures

- The Jersey is made from very stretchable and smooth material with a thin fleecy lining.  If feels like a cut above in quality to our existing 500 Jerseys

- 4 pockets is just superb!  The right most pocket is very easy to access.

- Also available in Black

- On cycles so far it has done a good job of blocking wind chill on 40Kmh+ downhill runs

- Too many logos on the jacket, I'd prefer none, but of course much less than a regular cycling jacket.

This is an /upmarket/ Jersey from Decathlon, but it's proved so good that Agata bought one too.   Recommended.