Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cycling around Interlaken and Grindlewald Pass

Interlaken Cycle

Marcus is just a tad late,  but I'll discuss our Interlaken excursion of August 2015.

 We parked 20Km north of Interlaken after my Diesel soaking disaster  (see video)

Our first ever, will we fit under the bridge moment.  Ah the joys of only being 2.6 metres tall, which is very low for a Motorhome.

 Many signs saying no overnight stays, so we are glad that we did not drive here last night.  We like to try to stay legal.

 We will be up these mountainous regions and namely the Grindlewald pass shortly.

We found a capable yet Swiss priced  (expensive) Motorhome site outside of Lucerne.  Paid, Parked and then scootered into town.   This was an exercise in itself!

We timed it right for the Music festival.

 Live music acts everywhere, and somewhat accessible by scooter  (well cobbled streets made it a little tricky)

 Some famous Lucerne views apparently

Amercian Cars

The best way to enjoy old American cars is as a voyeur. Ownership would be too expensive and heartbreakingly impractical and unreliable.  So we were lucky to come across a big night time meeting in Lucerne.  Wonderful

It has been another extraordinarily active weekend. Time to get back home to Lausanne for a rest me thinks.