Sunday, October 04, 2015

Cycle Upgrades: Towards Tubeless Easy

Marcus considers Tubeless Easy

The Background
Marcus and Agata have only one primary road bike each, shod with ultra light weight components.  As such our ability to cycle on all but the most pristine road surfaces is limited.

Gravel is possible for short hundred metre distances, but a leafy country lane is quite out of the question.

Rather than go to the expense of a new bicycle we've hit on the idea of using an additional set of wheels with different tyre technology

Tubeless Easy

In the Mountain Bike World,  Schwalbe has pioneered a new tyre design called Tubeless Easy.  It's sort of the equivalent of a car tyre format for bicycles.  Well because

- You need an air tight rim

- You provide your own valve
- You get a Tubeless easy tyre, looking like a regular bicycle tyre, and without any inner tube mount it
- Then you insert some fluid via the valve to help with seating and to seal small punctures
- Then you inflate

Unfortunately Tubeless easy tyres are not yet available, at least from any UK or European supplier that I know


Interim Plan

We found that Shimano Ultegra  6800 wheels are airtight and are supplied with a valve, so we thought

- buy Shimano Ultegra 6800 wheels now

- Buy Hard wearing Continental Grand Prix 4 Season tyres
- Buy 28 section tough inner tubes

Try this combination until the Schwalbe tyres and liquid is actually shipping.

Small hickup:

Wiggle delivered everything but the Continental tyres.  So still there is not a working combination.   But sooon!

Schwalbe Pro One for MTB