Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Crops Pro Bicycle Lock

Yes,  it may not sound like much but Marcus is delighted to report a new bicycle lock is in the Marcus and Agata house in Lausanne Switzerland.

At Eurobike 2015 after scouring the halls for interesting products I managed to pickup the Crops Pro high security lock.

After over 3 years of searching, and yes I am serious, I found a lock that has an inline lock and a sleek design.  To date, ALL cable locks I could find have a 90 degree cable mating mechanism, and this is aesthetically most annoying and more difficult to carry.

The cable on this lock is extraordinary thick and I chose the lock version with a very long cable.

This is how the lock teeth interlock into the lock.

There is an optional audible tamper alarm that I stupidly did not buy at the time. Stupid because I've not seen this lock or addon on sale anywhere physically in Europe yet.  If you know differently please contact me!

A mount is supplied to enable you to attach the lock to the bicycle.  In practise due to the heavy weight of the lock this DOES NOT work.   If you do try the lock will bounce uncontrollably as you cycle along.

How heavy?  Well it is 617 grams heavy without the mount. 

I am delighted with the Crops lock because

- It cost almost nothing at the Eurobike 2015 show

- Really heavy duty and heavy weight (that's good)

- Inline locking mechanism: At Last !!!

- Tamper proof audible alarm option

Crops Pro lock
Crops Pro lock at Amazon UK