Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bluetooth Tethering

My 'unlimited data' mobile data subscription was recently blocked leading me to an investigation of Bluetooth Tethering.

Quite Annoying
I've recently bought a UK giffgaff SIM to use in the UK and I chose a 20 GBP package allowing me unlimited data with full speeds upto 6GB data.

But I saw 'a warning message' appear on my Android Smartphone and I believe they temporarily blocked me for 'tethering'.

Now in my case I'm either using an Internet service e.g Web Browser on my Smartphone or, doing the same thing from my laptop.  So whilst technically tethering, it's just the same me using the Internet, just from a different place.  Not sharing it out like confetti on the high street to anybody.

I thought therefore that using Bluetooth Tethering from Smartphone to Windows 10 Computer might alleviate the issue ..

01 Switch Bluetooth on at your phone and computer

Okay, obvious.  But I want to make it step by step

02 Pair the Phone and Computer
So the computer name is then visible on the list of already paired devices

03 Enable Bluetooth Tethering

On the phone on the top right menu option, select Bluetooth tethering

04  Join a Bluetooth Personal Area Netork

05 Now began the testing

Speed at the Phone  (I know, it's terribly slow, but bad reception area)

Not very scientific, but I have some Dropbox outstanding so I tested on WiFi tethering and then on Bluetooth ..

So via the [unsupported] WiFi tether I was causing over 600K bytes per second traffic whilst Bluetooth tethering could manage about 120K Bytes per second.

Bluetooth Tethering might be stealthy, but it's bloody slow!

How phone companies detect tethering