Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bag Swag

Back home in Switzerland I perceive the plastic bag policy in Supermarkets as follows:

Instructions to checkout operator:  Hide all plastic bags and if requested by customer give them out one at a time like your sales bonus or life depended on it.

Note: Marcus only has Supermarket experience because all other aspects of our shopping life are kept to an absolute minimum or imported, on grounds of cost and economy

But back to bags.   Normally in Switzerland we use blue indestructible IKEA bags for our shopping adventures, but after attending the Motorhome and caravan show   I came back with a handful of alternative, tough,  reusable bags.  I hope therefore that we look a little more upmarket on future Supermarket trips.

But this brings me to the state of plastic bags in the UK

UK Plastic Bags from Retailers

There is a recent huge change in the availability of plastic bags in UK shops

This is the legislation  From October 5, 2015

Free bags must not be given out by retailers!

A charge of 0.05 GBP per bag (or greater) must be levied 

There are a few exceptions for small businesses or bags for specific items like uncooked fish, meat.

The money collected from bag sales is in most UK large retailer cases being given to charity, some retailers asking their customers to vote on which one   (I don't think the charitable giving is mandatory, but market forces [looking mean if you don't] seems to be making it so.

The legislation is new to England but is already in force in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland for some time.