Thursday, October 01, 2015

Another Wonderful Weekend in Warsaw

I am just filing away our report on Marcus's recent September weekend in Warsaw.  As usual it was full of action.  Oh, and hotness.  Although Lausanne was stiflingly hot, I had no idea that Warsaw would trump it.   It is autumn!

 I picked up some SIM cards at the airport.  Free sims, with instructions in Polish, German, English (phew) and a 5GB for 15Zl offer  (4 GBP).  It is totally and utterly bonkers.

The main reason for the visit was to be there for Mama and her hospital eye operation.  She is looking pretty good to me.

Yes, in still heavily Catholic Poland, Crosses invade even the hospital.  The Religious would say that [Christian] God gave Doctors the skills to save people.  Lucky we have the right God then.

 I am still quite obsessed with getting a better scooter. However after visiting many shops Marcus' Razor A5 Lux is still the best. So, no new scooter for me.

Part of the trip was to upgrade the local Computer Infrastructure to Windows 10 and new Professional Quality style desk.  I begin with a thorough clean, of course

 Multiple trips to Decathlon are obligatory because this shop is suspicious absent in Switzerland.  (Do I hear Cartel anybody?).  Anyway, this trail rucksack was almost perfect  (reviewed here )  but I am still holding out for something better.

 Mothers' new computer Infrastructure seems very slow, so the first fix attempt is a newer build of the Operating System.  I'll upgrade my laptop first, and then if successful, her system is next.  What could possibly go wrong!

In Poland  (and not Switzerland) I have access to Marks and Spencer shopping.  So I am testing out 2 new porridge types. Porridge is my normal breakfast, so I'm always looking out for improvements

The New Road

I commented before that a surprise road is being built nearby so let's look at the progress now

 Veturilo bicyles are back.  Fantastic

 As you can see I like large machinery

And I am totally fascinated as to how they manage to lay down the edging so perfectly.  What a skill.

Of course more Vintage car spotting is obligatory

Mum's new professionally equipped office, concealed cabling, new and hyper clean, and 100% working.

Semisonic: Closing Time

So it is another all too quick goodbye and return to Lausanne Switzerland.

One day I dream of arriving and staying until it is right to pootle back home, not being forced back due to other commitments. One day.