Monday, October 19, 2015

A British Breakfast

In Marcus' recent and all too short trip back home to England I was able to stock up on some of the food essentials that I still miss, living here in Lausanne Switzerland.

The sheer availability of a wide range of quality products there quite /beggars belief/.

This Monday morning I am proud to say that I sat down to a healthy breakfast including British Milk with British Porridge, a slice or two of British bread and some home-made British Chutney  (thanks Helen!)

The Sanity Check
For reasons mostly of economy but also the environment I restrict my travels back to the UK.  I think it has been over 12 months since my last visit. And so it's so easy to regard this current home i.e. Lausanne Switzerland and its products and services as not only the default way, but the only way.

Now, this is not to say that Switzerland has many beautiful sights and attractions that the UK cannot offer, but in terms of Retail, Customer Service, well IMHO it's not even on the same page.

Everything in England seems sooo much easier, and so visiting friends and family at least time to time, reminds me that the English way is pretty good too.

Enough said.